Electronic Medication Management System

Chemist Connect currently works closely with providers such as Best Health Solutions and WebsterCare to provide a paperless electronic medication management system to aged care facilities.

Chemist Connect is able to offer any solution that meets the requirements of the aged care facility. Systems such as BESTmed and BESTmed via BEST Health Solutions and MedComm and MedSig via WebsterCare have been used at Chemist Connect for many years across many different aged care facilities.

These electronic systems allow the aged care facility to place their orders and requests electronically and send/receive messages to pharmacy electronically without the need for Fax and Email. This keeps a log of all communication between both parties and ensures all information is relayed successfully.

Modules such as BESTdoctor are also used to allow doctors to remotely login to the medication management system and make any necessary updated and changes. This removes the need for paper medication charts, and offering a complete paperless medication management sotlution. 

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